This book is called “Shouta and Natto.”  Shouta to Nattou

Shouta is a Japanese boy’s name.

Natto is a common food in Japan. It is fermented soybeans (shown in the photo.)


This book explains how soybeans are grown.  They can be fermented to be made into sticky natto.


This is the natto section at our local grocery store.

Many Japanese people love natto–it’s a very common food here, especially for breakfast with rice.   It’s rotten soybeans.  It stinks!  I personally refuse to eat natto.  It’s really healthy though, and you will impress Japanese people if you eat it.  (Or at least try it.)

My son is uber picky…but even he will eat natto.  Go figure!

I think Natto is one of the things Japanese people miss when they live abroad.  I wonder if it is available in Asian supermarkets in America?


Thus ends the book challenge for these books for six year olds!  I reached the end of the book list. Whew!  It was tough going in the middle, but got easier towards the end.  Non-fiction is definitely easier than fiction.

However….I shall continue!

I saw more (Yes!) of these suggested reading lists at the library.  So next I will start the one for babies.  Stay tuned!