This is Edna, my bitter enemy.   She’s clever and cunning.


This is our garbage collection site.  Edna would like nothing more than to get into that trash, pecking at it and strewing it all over the street.  She’s done it before.  And likely, she’ll do it again.

The green net is to keep her out.  It works, but she still sneaks her beak in and filches what she can.  (You can see bits of tissue that she managed to extract from the garbage in her search for food.)



Edna has my respect, but she is slowly driving me insane.

One of my FB friends suggested feeding her.


I am an animal lover, but my neighbors would chop me up into little pieces and feed me to Edna themselves.  No.   I can’t feed her.

What’s more, I don’t know that would work, because a while back I saw a photo of some house that was the feeding the crows and they had a million of them there.  So if I fed Edna, all her friends would come here, too.  So I know it would not work.

I’ve been warned (both by my husband and a different FB friend) that she may attack me by pooping on me. That has not happened yet.  Probably if she does, I’ll totally back down.  I know when I’m beat!  Plus, I don’t want to get pooped on.  As it is, I yell at her and she usually flies away.

I think she is thinking, “I’ll go to an easier location.  Some trash collection site where there is not a crazed gaijin yelling at me.  Who know what she’ll do.  Maybe she’ll poop on me.”