I went with my husband and son to Koriyama City. It’s the largest city in Fukushima Prefecture, and it’s smack dab in the center of Fukushima Prefecture making it a hub.



Shopping is nice there.  We went to Usui Department Store, which has different items from Fukushima City’s department store (Nakago.)


In many ways, I prefer Koriyama City over Sendai City.  It’s far less crowded, much more leisurely and relaxed.


My Japanese teacher was telling me that the traditional name for western style oranges is “Iyokan.”  And then I saw it on the sign!  Japanese people prefer the smaller mandarin oranges over western style oranges, usually.


A jumbo mushroom!


My favorite place is their Maruzen bookstore, located on the ninth floor of Usui Department Store.  It has a lot of English books.


I thought this looked interesting, but did not buy it.  (We have enough English learning material for now!)


Short passages from famous books and stories.  Good for time crunched people like us.  Of course, the original is better, but we don’t always have time for that.


Boooo!!!!!!!  No, I am not a Trump fan.


I thought these were interesting, but again I didn’t buy them.  But good for a Star Wars lover.


I did buy this.  We used to use this little book of questions in the school I taught at eons ago.  The students loved it.

You whip it out, show it to them, and they compete like a quiz game. The questions are so fun and easy.

Where is Nagoya?  What color is Baa Baa Black Sheep?  How many legs does a bird have?

So you can see, they are interesting for low level kids.  Plus the answers are given, because, heck, I don’t know the prefecture Nagoya is located in.


The sign in the photo is for our Japanese language learning!  What does it say?

“Jidou  Eigo”

Jidou=Children, Juvenile



Goodbye, Koriyama!  Love ya!

If you happen to be in Koriyama City, Usui department store can not be seen from the train station.  You walk straight in the direction away from the station and turn left down a street.  It will be on your left.  It’s hard to find, so ask for directions.