Today’s book is “Gakkou Tsukuttchatta!”

“We made a school!”

When I first saw this title, I imagined them building the school, ground up.  It’s actually an empty classroom that they transform into a school.



This is a non-fiction book in which four older kids and two teachers work on a room to change into their own classroom.  The kids all have Down Syndrome.

I really liked this book.  The colors and style are bright and modern.  Plus, Down Syndrome is not the focus of this book.  Decorating the classroom is the focus.

Once thing I am noticing is that I think non-fiction is easier for me to read than fiction.  It is very cut and dry.  No  “And then she pondered.”  No “They jeered…”  No “Floating through the crowds.” 

Non-fiction is all: This happened.  This happened.  This happened.

That’s something to think about!