Normally, I take the elementary school newspaper.  (Yomiuri Shinbun)  It comes once a week, and the kanji has furigana so I can read it with very few problems.

I was considering taking the junior high newspaper, and finally I subscribed.   There’s very little furigana to aid me in the reading of kanji.

So, can I read this junior high paper?  No, not really.  It’s very time consuming, so I don’t.  (I could with the help of my dictionary, but like I said it is too time consuming and I prefer to spend my study time in other ways.)

I just read the headlines, try to figure out their kanji.  I figure that is pretty good study.

Plus I bring the two newspapers to my Japanese classes and we get good discussion out of them.  Sometimes, the teachers might have me read an article.


Something I didn’t realize is that in the junior high paper there is this English section:


So there’s an article in English that I can do with my son if I like.   I like that.  I read the the English newspaper either online or at the library, so it is nice to have an article there in newsprint in front of us at home.


There are two pages of English, an article page like in the first photo, and also this page.  This English on this page is way too easy for my son.

The elementary school paper also has an English section, but it is also too easy for bilingual kids like my son.  (But it’s cute, nevertheless.)