Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Today’s book is a “green” book about frogs.  That worked out nicely, didn’t it?  I myself am wearing my one and only green sweater…although it doesn’t matter because obviously St. Pat’s is not done (generally) in Japan.



Okay, today’s book is non-fiction.  It’s about frogs.  It’s called Zurari Kaeru.

Zurari=lined up in a row


So I’ll translate that as “Frogs Lined Up”  Yeah, a little boring!  The Japanese is snazzier.  How about  “Frogs in a Row.”


This book’s photo style really reminds of that photo style for non-fiction picture book that became popular in the nineties. That DK way.  You know.  Lots of photos of kids wearing colorful clothes.  Close-ups of animals.  Photos of bright objects.  I don’t think that style was ever done before the nineties.  When I first saw it back in the nineties, I thought “Wow!  Looks so modern!”

I like this frog book.  I wasn’t really ever interested in frogs, but this book is great at showing frogs’ diversity.  So yes, I recommend this book.

The book can be found here.