Today’s book is originally by a western writer named Richard Wilbur, but it is a book that I am completely unfamiliar with, so I went ahead and did this book in Japanese.

  Its English title is “Loud Mouse” and it is available on amazon.



In Japanese, it is, “Ban Nezumi no YakaChan”

Nezumi means “mouse.”

Yakamashii means “noisy”

I don’t know what “Ban” refers to in the title.


This mouse is loud, and his noisiness is a hindrance to safely living in their house.  Traps, cats, it’s a dangerous life.  But when the loud mouse foils a robbery, he’s a hero!

Here is the amazon link to ban nezumi no yakachan.  I don’t care if you buy it, though, because I am not in cahoots with amazon.