This was yesterday in Fukushima City during the afternoon.  Some sort of political rally.  They kept shouting “Nenkin” which means “Pension.”  A lot of older people were marching so I think they don’t want their pension reduced.  Japan is having trouble supporting the older generation because there are few young people to pay the taxes and take care of the older generation.


Am I right when I think this refers to farming?  I think this is about farming.  Somebody correct me if I am wrong.  It makes sense, because the farming industry took a huge, huge hit after the earthquake.  It’s such a tragedy.  Before the earthquake was FAMOUS for its excellent farm goods.  I mean, FAMOUS. After the earthquake, nobody (outside of Fukushima) wanted to touch Fukushima’s farm goods.


There were MANY people in this rally. It just stretches on and on.


Lots of signs.  I wish they had some in English.


Later that day, I went to the memorial downtown.  I will put more photos on my children’s blog.   There didn’t seem to be as many people this year.  The weather was great, so I am not sure why that is. Maybe some other spot was the happening location for the memorial?  Not sure.  They had singing while I was there.  Very nice.

(UPDATE:  My husband just got home from work now and said “Are you watching TV?” I said, “I watched the news on CNN.”  He said, “You’re not watching Fukushima news?”  I was like “No.”  He said, “There’s a big event at the Culture Center.  It’s on TV.”  I said, “The Culture Center?  What?”  He said, “Everybody knows.”  Um…not everybody.     Clueless, like always.)


I saw one flag.  It’s strange but Japan does NOT put up flags like America does.  I doubt any country does flags like America!  It’s kind of what we are known for.


This is the mayor of Fukushima City.  No opinion about him whatsoever because I am not informed. The sign says  “Fukushima ni Egao wo!” I think that translates loosely as “Let’s have Fukushima smiling again.”? or maybe “A smile for Fukushima.”??  It’s hard for me to translate.  I am not sure of the nuance.