I was at Tokyo Station when I saw this “Inden” shop.  I asked permission to take photos.


This handicraft is something that I have long admired. My pen case is of this fabric, and I sometimes buy this “Inden” as a present for people.  It’s made of deer skin.   I think it makes a good present because it’s unique and recognizable, plus it is handcrafted in Japan.  If you get a little one, it is not exorbitantly expensive.  Plus, I think Inden looks expensive.  (Sometimes I feel that Japanese goods are expensive, but do not appear so to their recipients in the U.S., mainly because the recipients are used to Made in China junk and don’t understand Japanese crafts.)




You can see the prices. You can get a little one for approximately 2000 yen (or about twenty U.S. dollars.)

If you are interested, here is the website for the company, Indenya.