This is Doutor’s Coffee Shop.  It’s a popular coffee shop that is originally from Japan.  It’s very similar Starbucks.  Basically it was Japan’s Starbucks before Starbucks actually arrived in Japan.  Anyway, the sign says in yellow:

スタッフ  Sutaffu                 Staff

大募集     Daibosyuu           Hiring!

Bosyuu is a word that means “Recruitment” and you will often see it on signs of businesses looking to hire workers.


Fukushima Prefecture’s minimum wage is 705 yen, so this is slightly higher than minumum wage.

(最低賃金 saitei chingin  Minimum Wage)

However, in perspective, a cup of coffee at a shop like this costs 300-400 yen at least, so you can buy two cups of coffee per hour with this wage!


You can find each prefecture’s minimum wage on this map.

I have kind of an interesting story that happened last week.  I was sitting in a coffee shop, eating a pastry.  An elderly woman sat next to me.  She didn’t have any food or drink.  Instead she pulled out a bunch of coins and methodically counted them.  Grouping all 100 yen coins together, fifty yen coins together, and so on.  She was bedraggled in appearance and I realized she did not have very much money, probably.

I took out a 1000 yen not (about ten dollars) and dropped it on the ground.  “Oh, you dropped that!” I said.  She looked so happy.  “Thank you!  Thank you!”

I was really happy I could help her out.   Made me feel as good as she felt!