My son absolutely did not want to go to juku (cram school, which is common in Japan, almost necessary.)   He really did not want to go–he likes to come home and relax.  So he asked to do Smile Zemi.  It is a self study program on a tablet.  Here is their site.

This is a photo of a sample lesson he was doing one day:


I asked my husband just now what he thinks. He said it’s good, but not enough.

As for me, I like having my son home in the evening, doing the tablet, rather than out at some juku with goodness knows what kind of teacher and with goodness knows what kind of hellion students.  (I teach English at a juku.  I know.)

In Japan, where people have enough to eat and safe homes to live in, we worry about the secondary things in life, like our kids’ education.  Worry.  Worry. Worry.

The rat race starts young here.