Okay, folks.  Comics.  Not the Japanese manga kind with big boobed ladies, but the regular run of the mill comics suitable for a kid.



Top is Doraemon.  The Japanese robot cat from the future!  My son and I did all the Doraemon comics that are available in English about a year or so ago.  Great stuff.

On the bottom are Snoopy comics.  About five hundred yen each.  I think the nice thing about these books in the photo is that it has been editted for quality.  I mean, let’s face it, somebody Charlie Brown doesn’t always make sense. But these are the good ones in these books.


Sazae San.  I have always liked her.  She was created by a female comic book artist way back when.

Back when I first arrived in Japan, I bought her books (translated into English.)  Trying to familiarize myself with Japanese culture.

Happy reading!