The Japanese title is “Nazo Nazo no Sukina Onna no Ko.”  Very Conveniently, the inside of the book gives the English title as “A Little Girl Who Likes Riddles.”  (Although I don’t believe there is an English version of this book.)

Nazo Nazo means “riddle” and it sure is a fun word.  Nazo nazo nazo nazo.  Japanese people are really proud of their fun words.  They have got a whole bunch of them!


Basically, this little girl tells riddles to a wolf, who isn’t clever enough to figure them out.  I was a little concerned when I saw the title of this book that the riddles would be above my Japanese language ability, but actually, they are along the lines of “What is red and you eat it in a salad?”  A Tomato!   The fun is seeing this little girl outwit the dumb wolf.

I really love the illustration style in this book. My son and I were looking at it and he suggested that the girl might be western, based on her appearance.

The illustrator’s name is Reiko Oosono and here is a link to some of her books.

The book itself is here.

If you look at the first photo, you can see that the next book is “My Father’s Dragon” and the book after that is “Ferdinand.”  I am going to skip those because I don’t really want to read them in Japanese.  Stay turned for the next book!