Two years ago, my husband suggested that in our Obama Mama English Time, we do the workbook from junior high school.  It’s a workbook that one can buy easily at a bookstore and complements the junior high English book.   Exercises, and so on.  So we did that.  Just a little each day.  It was a great idea.  Even though it was mostly too easy for my son, it got him into the junior high school mindset.   (As everyone here in Japan knows, the English class are a bit like math class.  Hello + How are you?= I’m fine, thank you. + And you?)

We finished that book and I went to search for the high school textbook.  I haven’t been able to get it yet. It’s pretty complicated….you have to order it from the bookstore, and blah blah blah.

So I looked at the bookstore shelves to see what I liked.  I found this:


This is BOOK TWO, mind you.  Book One is too easy for my son.  This is published by KUMON , by the way.  (A great company.)


I really liked this book!  It looked enjoyable. Definitely on the easy side for my son, but that is okay.  So many textbooks are NOT enjoyable….but this book is bright and colorful and interesting.   The above page is the very first page in the book….and there lots of similar questions. Like riddles, almost.


Other types of activities, too.  Love this numbers activity!   I DETEST DETEST DETEST Japanese numbers.  (the large numbers)

I am the sort of person who carries around 10,00 yen bill and calls it a hundred dollars.  That’s how stupid I am.  I know it’s not a hundred dollars literally….it’s just that my mind thinks in odd American ways.

Everybody knows that Japanese numbers (the large numbers) are hard.


Other activities.  This is easy.  But I thought, “Awesome!”  My son cooks at school, and he has cooked with his dad, but never with me.  So he has never done it in English.

(I know what you are thinking: “Cook with him!”  No. Sorry.  That’s what fathers are for.)

So what I am saying is that I really quite like this book.  Look it over in your bookstore.  It might be too easy for your kid.  (It’s not at a high level.)  Also, there are two books–Level One and Level Two. They are just really neat!