I am thinking about all those little babies who are being born today.   Having a birthday every four years!   Wowza.



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Today is Garlic Day in Japan.  Do you know why?  If you know even basic Japanese, you can figure it out.    (If you don’t know any Japanese, you will never figure it out!)


In Japanese, garlic is called “ninniku.”

And the number two is “Ni”

The number nine is “Kyuu” or (in this case) can also be “Ku”

Today’s date is 2/29


In Japanese, it is Ni Ni Ku.

When you say “Ni Ni Ku”, it sounds like you are saying “Ninniku” (garlic).

That is why it is garlic day!

I heard my husband telling my son it is Garlic Day and I thought it was a great idea for a post.  Japanese people LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the calendar numbers and making words out of them.

For example:  Meat in Japanese is “Niku”.  So the twenty-ninth day of the month:  Ni Ku

So the Yaki Niku (Korean Grilled Meat) restaurant has discounted meat on the twenty-ninth day of  each month.  Meat Day!  It’s really crowded on that day.

There are so many examples of this.

Another one is Mimi no Hi.  “Ear Day” This one is a little different.

Ear Day is March 3.  (3/3)  The three’s look like ears, especially if the first one is backwards.  It’s a day people often get their hearing checked!