In the Japan Times, I spied this article;



The radiation of the general Fukushima area (excluding that area right next to the power plant, e.g. the forbidden zone) is similar to Europe.  One major reason is that it was so incredibly low before the earthquake.   Just way lower than normal.  So when that radiation splattered everywhere, it raised the radiation level in the general Fukushima area to a more “typical” level.  You know, like the level of many big cities around the world.

This may not mean anything to you, but I live here, so I find it very nice news.

I know that people around the world who are environment activitists want to see us all die of cancer immediately, so they can say “There you go.  That’s what happens when you build nuclear power plants.”

But personally I don’t want to die of cancer (immediately or at all).  So even though I hate nuclear power plants,and even though I love the environment, I am happy that our level of radiation in Fukushima is not so terribly high.

Surely a lesson can be learned from all this without me dying of cancer.  Let’s change for the better and become more green!


I am always hesitant to post an entry like this for fear of causing people to think, “She is anti-/pro- the Environment!”

This blog is NOT meant to convince people of anything as far as politics goes.  This is just a Mom blog, and the Mom in this blog just happened to have experienced total nuclear meltdown firsthand.   I didn’t want that to happen, didn’t want to write a blog about environmentalism.  (Of course, I want to preserve the enviroment, but am not knowledgeable enough to get on a soapbox about it.)

But here I am, in Fukushima.   It seems a waste not to show people its beauty and its realness.  It’s a real place!  Yeah, we’re here and we’re not gonna disappear!  Not even if it is a leap year!

I’ll leave the heavy environmental thinking to people who thrive on that sort of stuff.  Other blogs and whatnot.  Not here.  This is a Mom blog.


Did somebody say Mom?