Shikoku is so exotic to me.  I have never been there.  I can’t even imagine it.

I’m studying it right now in Japanese class–all about the various bridges from Honshu (the largest island in Japan) to Shikoku (a smaller, but very historical, island.)  Currently there are three bridges in three separate locations (although I think each one is made up of smaller bridges.)  This includes the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Akashi Kaikyou Bridge.

My Japanese teacher told me about the Shikoku food fair at our local department store, so of course I went!



He’s from Tokushima Prefecture.  Mr. Soybean Head?


A map of Shikoku.  Okay, let’s see if I can read the names of the four prefectures….

Ehime, Kagawa, Tokushima, Kouchi



I bought the chocolate yokan on the left for my son.  I was really curious about it.  (Yokan is a sweet red bean cake.)  It was interesting!

On the right is “warabi mochi” but I don’t know much about the gelatinous treat.  There is no mochi in it, I think.  Just yummy stretchy sticky sweet deliciousness!

Suzanne Kamata is a writer who lives in Shikoku, and I am embarrassed to admit I have long been her fangirl.   I read “Gadget Girl” to my son, and my son enjoyed it.  We are waiting for Gadget Girl’s sequel!!!!