This is a book of poems.   Ichinensei means “First Grade.”

Poetry seems to cause me trouble.  So much reliance on wordplay and whatnot.


First poem in the book.  I’ll translate it, but first for you non-Japanese speaking people, you must know that あ is the first character in hiragana.   Very similar to A as the first letter in the alphabet.

あ makes the sound “ah” and if you see it written down in romaji it is “a”.

So here is the poem:

The teacher wrote あ on the chalkboard.

Ah, it looks surprised.

The teacher pointed to あ on the chalkboard.

Ah, laughing with a big mouth

The teacher erased あ on the chalkboard.

Ah, boring.

Ah, I love it.

Ah, let’s meet again.