This is the cold medicine that my husband buys for our family:



From top left:

Hanamizu.Hanadumari ni

Nodo no Itami.Kushami ni

For Runny nose. Stuffed up nose

For Sore Throat. Sneezing

My husband thinks that American medicine, in general, is too strong.  I know that Americans think that Japanese medicine is too weak.  I personally just take whatever my husband gives me. (His job is doing experiments for a pharmaceutical company.)

It’s a pain not to be able to read medicine labels, because it is not something you can just wing.

Continuing down on the box.  Look at the dosage.  This is pretty obvious, but I will translate:

NENREI                           IKKAI RYOU

15sai ijyou                          3 jyou

11sai-14-sai                        2 jyou

7sai-10sai                           1 jyou

AGE                                             AMOUNT AT ONE TIME

age 15 and above                       3 tablets

11 years old to 14 years old      2 tablets

7 years old to 10 years old       1 tablet

Always ask your pharmacist/drugstore worker, though.  They are always really helpful in Japan!