Leza Lowitz, who wrote Up from the Sea,  advised me to attend a writing workshop held by the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators (of which I am a member.)

My first thought was, “Tokyo? I can’t go!”  I rarely go to Tokyo.  It is just so far for me.

However, I realized the workshop was the same day as my husband’s birthday, and he had said earlier in the week, “For my birthday, I want to go to Tokyo.  I will choose what we do!”

So I asked my husband, “Can I go to the workshop?  You and our son go have manly man time and I’ll go to the workshop.”   So it was decided.  We left on an early train, and I got to Shibuya just in time.

The workshop was excellent. I was so very privileged to get advice from established writers Mariko Nagai and Naomi Kojima.  I am filled with gratitude!

They recommend two upcoming books:

Falling into the Dragon’s Mouth by Holly Thompson

Somewhere Among by Annie-Donweth Chikamatsu

So I was very happy I was able to attend.

Once I got home, I was telling my husband that of course I want to go back to another workshop, but of course I can’t spend money on something like that.  He said, “Oh yes, you can go.”  So I don’t know.  Of course I want to go back.  We’ll see……

They have great events, which I go fangirl crazy over.  Keiko Kasza has appeared recently at an event. Satoshi Kitamura will appear on March 13 at an event.  I love them both!!!!!  Their books, I mean!!!!!  I love their books!!!!!!!!!!!!  Swoon.


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