It’s no secret that I have written a book.  It’s not published yet. I am trying to find an agent.

It’s a middle grade book about the 3/11 disaster, and it is fiction.   Of course it is based on my experiences, but is definitely fiction.  I enjoyed writing it, and I have revised it many times.   Slowly I have been trying to find an agent, sort of tweaking my query letter each time.  (Each agent get his or her own query letter, naturally.)  But tweaking how much “Fukushima” I want to include.

I think “Fukushima” scares people.   My proof of that is that there are tsunami books for kids, but no fictional meltdown book by mainstream publishers for American kids.  (And one non-fiction Fukushima meltdown book.)  Yes, I know.  Meltdown is super duper scary.  But you know what?  It happened.  TWICE.  So we are not doing are kids any favors shielding them from it.

I am not saying, “Kiddies, gather around. We are going to read Miffy and the Meltdown!  How fun!  See the nuclear power power plant?  Big nuclear power plant.  Miffy goes to the nuclear power plant.”

No, of course not.

The books for kids would have to be thoughtful and appropriate….but they NEED TO EXIST.

Since 3/11 the publishing industry in Japan has produced many 3/11 books for kids.  (Fukushima or tsunami or earthquake, etc.)



The above photo shows some (not even all) of the Japanese kiddy picture books concerning the tragedy.

From left to right, top:

Tsunami Tenden To Hashire, ue e!  (Tsunami is Coming, Run to High Ground!)

Fukushima Kara Kita Ko Sotsugyou  (A Child from Fukushima:  Graduation)

Tsuchi no Hanashi (The Dirt’s Story)

Chikyu no Kokomodachi  (Children of the World)

From left to right, bottom:

Akenai Yoru wa nai kara  (No night, no dawn (?))

Boku wa Umi ni natta (I became the Sea)

Hourenso wa Naiteimasu (The Spinach is Crying)

Minna Issyo Ni (Everybody Together)

I went to Tokyo on Saturday and attended an SCBWI writer’s workshop, on the recommendation of Leza Lowitz, author of “Up from the Sea.”  I’ll talk about this tomorrow in my post.  Stay tuned!


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