This book is called “Yatto Raion”  or in English:  “Finally a Lion”  It’s about a cowardly lion.  He’s scared of everything.  He gets so scared his mane falls off.  He tapes it back on.  Will he learn to be brave?  Yes, definitely!  He will finally be a lion!


This may have been the hardest for me of all the books so far (with the possible exception of the book of poetry “One.”)

I am not sure why.  It was a rather long book–the books are getting longer and longer.  Furthermore, I had some trouble with the Japanese.  It wasn’t all that hard really.  I think I am just not super interested in whether a cowardly lion can be brave or not?  There was not a lot of suspense.

And it is also just possible I am getting tired of books for six year olds.  I was thinking of quitting the challenge while reading this book, but of course I am not going to.  But I am not going to branch out and do the library’s list of recommended chapter books for older kids.

I think it may boil down to:  I like to choose my OWN books to read.  My interests don’t often mesh with other people’s interests.  This has nothing to do with the wonderful librarians at Fukushima Public Library.  It’s something I have often felt–like with the esteemed list of the Newbery books.  I have NO desire to read all the Newbery books.  I personally think some are great, some are meh.

And some are great—but not my personal style.

I think that when you choose a book, something has to call to you.  Something inside you says, “Oh my goodness, I really want to learn about this subject.” “These illustrations are gorgeous.”  “This book looks so incredibly funny.”

I am going to continue the book battle.    But eventually I will take a break and just roam the library and read whatever strikes my fancy!

Yatoo Raion can be found here.