I looked at the calendar, and noticed that the day of the earthquake–March 11th–falls on a Friday.   The day of the actual earthquake also fell on a Friday.  That will be eery, I think for all of us of us in  Japan.   We will be reliving that day, thinking “I was doing this then.”  “This was happening then.”

On the actual day, I worked in the morning at the local Catholic high school, then came home for lunch.  During the afternoon, I settled on the sofa to read a book, and that’s when the earthquake occured.  Glad that I was home!

This year I will have Japanese class in the morning (unless it is cancelled? for spring holiday) so it will sort of be the same.  I am sure we will have some sort of memorial in class.

There’s always a memorial in downtown Fukushima City, both at the time the earthquake struck and continuing all through the evening.I’ll go there this year as always and take photos and get them up on the blog as soon as possible.  I don’t like taking people’s photos, so I don’t do that.   (Even last year when actual clowns in full clown outfits were standing in front of me and praying during the moment of silence.  Seriously.  It was…very odd.  But nice.)

Take care.