I have a box of vocabulary cards.  My son and I do one a day during morning English time.  After English time is finished, recently we have been leisurely looking at a graphic novel together.

So I was very pleased when the word on the card was “oaf”  and then in the graphic novel, the same word appeared!

Vocabulary Victory!


I was really excited, way more excited than my son.  I just love it when this happens….you learn a word and then that very same day, it pops up!

By the way, the graphic novel is “Zita the Space Girl”.  My son really likes it.

We also did “American Born Chinese” which he also really enjoyed.   (And I personally enjoyed more than Zita the Space Girl)

The third book we did was “El Deafo”.  He did NOT like it.  It was my favorite, really very interesting.  I think it was too “thoughtful” and too “girl” for him.  For lack of a better word.  The first two books have a lot of action,  but El Deafo is devoid of action.  (But I do recommend it.)

We only do a little of each graphic novel each morning, plus he looks at the books on his own. I try to milk them for all they are worth, because graphic novels are really quite expensive.  You pay a lot, but then go through them so quickly.  So I try to make them last.

I also think graphic novels are “the future” of kids’ books.  When I was a kid, there were comic books, but graphic novels didn’t exist.  I love graphic novels, but I also sort of think they are a response to kids’ shrinking attention span.  (That sounds like I don’t like them.  I do like them.  It’s just that I think they very much fit the way many people take in information nowadays, in kind of an ADHD-y way.  Including me.)