This month I took the train up to Sendai City, sans my son and hubby, to have lunch with the wonderful ladies of AFWJ.  In Tohoku, we foreign women live really far apart from one another.   I think living in Japan is hard, but living in Tohoku can be even harder.  (Especially those in the really rural areas, and far north.)

Stella Starstruck of (who lives in Yamagata Prefecture) had arranged the whole party.  Yay her!  Plus she suggested going to the top of the Aer Building for a free view of beautiful Sendai City.  So much fun!

The Aer building is the second building to the right when you exit from the central exit.  It’s also got Maruzen bookstore and the Pokemon Center.


Looks like a big city to me!  Fukushima City is puny in comparison.


It stops when it hits the mountains (to the left) and the ocean (to the right.)


This is the other side of the building.


I thought these misty mountains were so enchanting, especially the one that juts straight out.