Today’s book is “Hajime no Kyanpu”   (My First Time Camping)

This is a book about little Naho who tags along with some older kids when they go camping.  She cooks rice, sleeps in a tent, hears a scary story, and even sees a falling star.  What a sweet book.


The author and illustrator is the ultra ultra famous Hayashi Akiko.  (Although my husband doesn’t know who she is.   But then…..he doesn’t go to libraries for fun and enjoyment.)

Here is a link to this book.

Here is the author’s facebook page.  She’s famous.  I promise.

A lot of her books have been translated into English, but most are no longer in print.

When I started this book challenge, I told myself I would read each book several times each.  Well, the books are getting longer.  And let’s face it, they are cute, but they are written for six year olds.  So I am just reading each one once.   If a book especially interests me, I’ll read it again.  But life is too short to read these books over and over over.  They’re pretty simple.  I learn a few words here and there, but not enough to justify reading the book again.