Wonderful book from the Fukushima Prefectural Library.   This is a book of photographs taken in Fukushima Prefecture (mostly Fukushima City) during that time after the earthquake.  Even for me–and I experienced it–this book is interesting.  Photogaphs of the different signs in stores, cleaning of radioactive dirt, cracks in the cement that resulted directly from the shaking of the earthquake.   Pretty much everything.  The book is a book of photography, and the captions that explain the photos are in both Japanese and English.


Just a sample of the photos.  Same sort of photos that I took after the earthquake (but way more than what I did.)

This particular photo shows lots of signs saying “Ganbarou, Fukushima.”  (Hang in there, Fukushima!”)

These signs were all over the place after the earthquake for at least two or three years.  You don’t see them as often now.  And the further you went from Fukushima, the signs changed.  In Sakata, signs said, “Ganbarou, Tohoku!”  In Tokyo, it was “Ganbarou, Higashi Nippon!”  (Higashi Nippon=East Japan.)  Whatever area you were in, the signs were for that area and its surroundings.