Today’s book is called “Soratobu Kokuban”  Sora=Sky Tobu=Fly Kokuban=Chalkboard

However, when I looked up soratobu in my dictionary, I discovered that there is an expression:  “Soratobu Enban”

Obviously, the title is wordplay because “Soratobu Enban” means Flying Saucer.  (also translated as UFO, but the literal meaning is flying saucer)

So I chose the English name of “Unidentified Flying Chalkboard” which I think sounds rather catchy.


This is about a chalkboard that is in a classroom, but never used.   So he jumps off the wall, travels first to a castle, and then to a small island where he is used in the island’s school.

I liked this book.  I think I like books where the unexpected happens, kind of zany stuff—I’m a Phantom Tollbooth girl!  So the idea of a chalkboard jumping off the wall and flying around the world appeals to me.