I first started doing morning English time with my son when he was very, very young. Originally it was just me holding an American coloring book and pointing at the B and saying B B B balloon!  That sort of stuff.  And ABC practice.

Since we started it at such a young age, my son was used to it and has never balked.  I did not give him rewards or anything.  (His dad would–figuratively, not literally–whup his bottom if he did not do the morning English time, though.)

Anyway, long ago I found a sticker book that we had never used while I was cleaning up.  It was below his level, but fun to do.  Just kind of nice for him to choose a sticker.  Well, we finished it.  I knew that nowadays,  there were way way way more possibilities out there–more so than when my son was a toddler ten years ago.

I wanted a sticker book for a thirteen year old!

I searched and found several nice sticker books that were really educational and neat.  I finally chose this one.  It’s not necessarily the best, just what I liked best:



We are no longer doing our Metropolitan Museum of Art Daily Calendar (now we are doing a cat calendar–a gorgeous daily cat!), but I still wanted him to have art in his life.


This book is great. He picks a sticker (all fabulous) and puts it in place and we learn about the artist and the paintings.  It’s a nice change from the MET calendar, which ONLY has MET artwork, and furthermore was starting to repeat itself.  This sticker book has THE major art of the western world.