Today’s very special book is not in the guidebook of recommendations that I have been following.  But I’ll do this book as a substitition for the “Frog and Toad” book.

It’s called “Fukushima Kara Kita Ko”  “The Kid from Fukushima”



The story is set way down south in Hiroshima Prefecture.  A child has come to her mother’s hometown to live after the earthquake.

The book is partly written in Hiroshima dialect–very difficult for me, and I am sure that is the intent.  When that Fukushima kid goes to school in Hiroshima, she hears a totally new and foreign dialect.


This story could be my son’s story.  We departed Fukushima and settled in his papa’s hometown of Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture.  Not easy for him.  The whole time he wanted to come back to Fukushima, and eventually we did.

The amazon link is here.