Happy Setsubun!

Look at the offerings in a local supermarket:


Everything you need for setsubun.  Roasted soybeans (or peanuts, which I far prefer, and easier probably to obtain if you are reading this in America)  and masks!

Somebody pretends to be the “Oni” and everyone else throw the soybeans (or peanuts) at that person.  Or you could even throw chocolate covered peanuts, so a Snickers bar would work, too.  I’m good with that.

Like this:


SHOUT: Oni, go out! Happiness, come in!

(free image from this site)

You can make your own mask, or download a mask here or here or here, or go without a mask.  I mean, honestly, my face is scary enough that I don’t need a mask!  (Hah!)

Setsubun dates from ancient times, according to my Japanese teacher, which rather fascinates me.  I can imagine little Japanese cavemen throwing rocks at each other and shouting “Oni, go out!  Happiness, Come in!”  Except when you get hit in the eye and then it’s just not fun anymore…..


I really wanted to name this post “Does peanut size really matter?”  But that is just a little silly so I didn’t.