In Sendai City, my son wanted to visit the statue of Date Masamune riding a horse.  It’s located on the site of the castle.   (The castle has long been destroyed and only surrounding walls remain.)

Who is Date Masamune?  He was the local Mr. Big Guy Samurai.  As I was researching him, I read that he was lenient to Christians.  I find that interesting because when we moved here from Chiba Prefecture, my husband told me that this area (Fukushima City area) has more Christians than the Chiba Prefecture area.   (Percentage wise the number  of Christians among Japanese is very low.)

My Catholic church is near us, and there are several small Christian churches in my neighborhood.  So there probably are more Christians in this area than most other parts of Japan.  (I don’t know if this is due to Date Masamune’s influence or not.)

Anyhoo…we went to the site of the castle (now a large park).   The best way to get there from the station is probably the Loople bus, because the subway doesn’t go there.



Little shops.  You gotta buy the “omiyage!”


Map of the grounds.  It’s quite vast.  The castle no longer exists.


Horse Riding Statue, here we come!!!!!


The day was lovely.  Blue sky, nippy cold weather.


Yes, there it is!  After we saw it, my son was ready to leave.  (((Frown!!!!!)))


The site is located on top of a hill, so it’s a good view.  We actually took a taxi (not the Loople) from the International Center, and the reason I took a taxi was because I did not want to walk up the hill!  It’s a good twenty minute walk uphill from the International Center.


That’s Sendai City!


Shrine. My son was ready to go, so I didn’t explore.  “Come on, let’s go to the Pokemon Center!” he said.


Going back, we took the Loople.  I am guessing it was a twenty minute ride to the station, or maybe more.  But it was pleasant.


The Loople is an inexpensive bus which makes a loop around the city in one direction only.  It stops at tourist sites, so it is very convenient.


Hey!!!!!  We made it to the Pokemon Center!!!!!!  And now this little friend is going home with us.