I found this book of beautiful poems by Fukushima people.  Half the book is in Japanese.  The other half has been translated into English.

It is available at both Fukushima University’s bookstore, and also for free at the Fukushima Prefectural Library.


I think this expresses a lot of Fukushima people’s views!

This is the book:


A lot of anger at TEPCO in this book.  I always want people to know that this nuclear power plant did NOT supply Fukushima’s energy needs for us.  We got our energy needs from a different source.  The nuclear power plant supplied energy to Tokyo.

I always find it ironic that the huge city of Tokyo can manage to mess up their own environment and then come over here to Tohoku and mess up our pristine environment, too.

We have internet back on now, but during the week I have been watching the news (BBC and CNN) on tv to relax.  (Instead of turning first to FB.)  Anyway, big big big news currently is about how the water has been tainted by lead in Flint, Michigan, but still consumed by people in the city.   Big news.

This really reminds me of the whole Fukushima thing.

1.)  In Flint, idiot politicians allowed tainted water to be consumed, instead of fixing the problem. In Japan, idiot TEPCO management shaved down the hill so that the nuclear power plant wasn’t built as high as it could have been.

2.) Kids have consumed lead in Flint and radiation in Fukushima.

3.)  We can only imagine the dire effects.  We don’t know exactly what the effects are.  They are impossible to pinpoint.  But we know the effects are there, and in the future the kids will have problems because of them.