Nowadays, there is the choice:  do I buy a present for my friend online or do I buy it from a shop?  Shopping online is easy, and you can pick out exactly what you want.  But shopping in shops is fun, and you can be delighted by what you might unexpectedly find.

One nice benefit of shops in Japan is that the gift wrapping is free of charge.  At all shops (higher quality than, say, Seven-Eleven or Daiso 100 Yen Shop), you just have to say, “Can you wrap this?”

“Wrapping” is a word that Japanese people understand, so all you have to do is say that word!

These are some little presents I got at Nakago department store:


Some places have wrapping paper that is prettier, like Christmas or animal design, and you can choose the wrapping paper you want.

This is such a convenient service for me, especially since wrapping paper in Japan is quite expensive.  (There is only a small amount on a roll of paper here in Japan.)  Sometimes, if I buy an every day item for my son–like a book–I’ll get it wrapped, even if it isn’t his birthday or Christmas.  Fun!