I had a five percent off coupon for anything I buy at Itoyokado Shopping Center. Not much, I know, but Japan does not do sales very well, so I thought five percent was good for things I needed to buy. One of the things I needed was new mascara.  I think I have pretty much just always used American (or bought-in-America) mascara.

Recently I have been using Rimmel brand which I got from an American Walmart.  Rimmel is not an American company.  Rimmel is British.

Anyway, I have not been happy with it.  It clumps, and a few hours after applying I get deplorable smudge marks under my eyes.  Nothing says slovenly more than mascara smudging all around your eyes.

Anyway, I went with a Japanese brand: Kose Elsia.  It was 1200 yen.   And just look at the difference in wand size:


Rimmel on left, Kose Elsia on right

The Japanese mascara is so much thinner.  When I apply it , I don’t notice that much difference to my regular lashes. There is no Vavoom effect.  But I am really happy with my new mascara because it is so light and thin that it doesn’t clump and smudge.


This is the package for Kose Elsia.  It says:

“Mijikai komakai ke mo

Nagaku, futoku”

In English:

“Even short and thin lashes

will get long and thick.”


Long and thick?  No.  Brighten up my eye a bit?  Yes.

So I’m pleased with it.