Our internet is down!!!!!!  And our phone’s landline!!!!!!!!!!!   So no I’m not dead, just cut off from the world electronically.

I am at the Fukushima Prefecture Library now using their computer access.

Old man to the left of me, Old man to the right of me…..Stuck in the middle with you.

So I wanted to let everyone know where things stand.  Hopefully it will be fixed in a day or two.

On to our regularly scheduled post:

Well, I posted about the Seven Lucky Gods before.  And then I was seeing them everywhere!  They are a “New Year’s thing.”  Probably when January is over, they’ll float off in their boat back to where ever they came from.


I saw this in the discount bin at our little Coop grocery store.  So cute.  It’s yokan (sweet red bean.)


At ComuComu–the center here in town for children–their monthly poster of January was the Seven Lucky Gods.    I’m so glad I recognize them now.  I don’t remember seeing them in years past.   I wonder why they are so popular recently.  Maybe they got their own NHK TV drama?  Whenever that happens, you see the subject of the drama everywhere.   That reminds me….haven’t seen or heard anything “Massan” lately.  (White lady married Japanese man NHK drama which was popular last year.)