I said that I did not want to do books that have been translated into Japanese for this challenge, but what I really meant is I didn’t want to do American books or British books that I am already familiar with.  The purpose of the challenge is to familiarize myself with Japanese quality picture books.

However, today’s book is a translated book. It is by a Korean author, and was translated from Korean into Japanese.   So it is not actually an authentic Japanese picture book.

I translated the Japanese title literally as “The Woman in the Red Kerchief and her Seven Friends.”  However, the inside cover of the book says the English title is, “The Seven Friends in a Lady’s Chamber.”


Hmmm….what is about?   Pretty hard to guess from the cover illustration!



The story is that a seamstress falls asleep.  While she dozes, her tools–ruler, scissors, needle, thread, thimble, etc.–each declare themselves the most important.  The lady awakens and hears them.  She boasts that SHE is the most important because she is the one who sews.  Of course, the moral of the story in the end is that they are all important.

It’s interesting to think of the tools as having human representations.  Each has her own name, like Old Lady Thimble, and so on.  In general, a rather nice book with a good message.

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