While we were in Sakata City, I headed to the DVD rental Tsutaya for movies.   I got the Ghibli movie “When Marnie was there” which was absolutely wonderful.  Better than the book.  And it just got nominated for an Oscar!  I hope it wins.

My son wanted the second movie in the Japanese series “Tora San”.  I have blogged about this series before.  It’s quite funny.  The DVD’s have English subtitles on a track, so I could use those.  Very handy, because half the movie was in dialect.  (The other half was in very proper Japanese.  A nice comparison between down home Japanese and elegant Japanese.)

But I saw this DVD and stopped in my tracks.  I had to rent it!


“Alone in Fukushima”  Japanese title:  Naoto Hitorikkiri

It’s a documentary about a man in Fukushima who goes in to feed the poor abandoned animals in the forbidden zone.


Lots of animals were left behind when the residents were forced to flee.  Animals that had been domesticated and depended on humans.  It’s such a sad situation.

This man is simply amazing.

I could follow the storyline, although the Japanese was pretty fast and dialecty-ish. (No, I don’t know down home country Fukushima talk!)  They actually had subtitles for Japanese people who are watching since there is so much dialect.

If you don’t know any Japanese, I am sure you could still follow along. It’s really pretty simple. He goes in, feeds the animals.  Talks about the situation.  We see the animals and the forbidden zone.  Not just cattle, but horses, dogs, cats, ostriches—-anything that has been domesticated.  Remember, this is a farming area around the nuclear power plant.  So lots of tame animals.



Here is his blog   http://ganbarufukushima.blog.fc2.com/