I have been blogging about books a lot lately, haven’t it?  Well, here is another one.  It is not part of the Book Battle.  It’s just something I saw at the bookstore, and picked it up for a friend’s baby.


I thought it was so cute.  “Omen desu”

“Omen” means “mask” so basically a book of masks.  The masks in this book were very Japanese, which I thought my friend would love because, well, she is Japanese.



Sorry for the sideways photo.

Anyway, the baby sees the mask.  Ooooh!  Scary!


But ta da!  It’s actually just a moo moo cow!  Not frightening at all.  Silly baby!


I’ll be honest.  I would love to buy this book, along with millions of others.  But I can’t.

No Extra Money + No Extra Space = No Extra Books That We Absolutely Don’t Need

I actually do buy quite a few books, but the majority of them are for my son’s learning.  And then a few “grownup” books that I absolutely want to read.  My new year’s resolution is to read more middle grade and YA in English just for myself.  I read to my son every day, but it takes a long time to finish a book.  There are lots of books I am interested in.  So I decided I should just read them for myself.  (Especially the ones I feel my son absolutely won’t be interested in.)