I wanted to learn more about Fukushima Prefecture.  I am sort of stranded here in Fukushima City.  I don’t really venture out from my little area much.  But I would like to see more of other parts of Fukushima Prefecture.


Walking downtown in front of the station, our little Fukushima mascot bunnies, Momorin and his brother Cool Dude Momorin, were getting their groove on.   Shake it, Momorin, shake it.


I went to the Corasse Building to request information about Fukushima Prefecture.  But I was informed that this is an information desk for the city, not the prefecture.  For the prefecture, I had to go to the sixth floor.


Gosh darn it.  Wrong room.


Okay, this is the right room, but somebody turn on the lights, please.  All the workers were eating their lunch in the dark.  (Japan has a policy of “setsuden” since the earthquake.  It is an effort to save electricity.)


Fukushima Prefecture!!!  That’s the Aizuwakamatsu mascot (according to my son.) And it’s home of the Rika Chan doll–Japan’s version of Barbie.


Oh, Fukushima.  Where shall I go.  Fukushima City, Koriyama City, Aizuwakamatsu City, and Iwaki City are the four big cities.  None of them are very big.  Although all of them are awesome.  (Fukushima City is in the top center part of the prefecture.)




Gah!  I just started a blog for kids!  I woke up this morning and knew that this was what I had to do.  It’s going to be a kid friendly blog about Fukushima so they can learn about it, but I welcome adults, too.  (Kid friendly adults.)

I plan to post about once a week, as opposed to this blog, which is daily.  I’m trying to get my kids’ book published.  So kids can learn about my journey there, too!