Today’s picture book is called “Chisa To Jiitan”  I’ll translate it as “Chisa and Gwanpa”

Jiitan is not a real word.  Chisa can’t pronounce “Jiichan” =Grandpa (or “Jiisan” =Grandfather) so it comes out as Gwanpa  (Jiitan).   Awwww………..isn’t that adowable?


The book is basically Chisa sort of chatting to her father in a rather rambling and poetic way.  Lots of baby words that trip me up.


The illustrations are sweet, but Jiitan reminds me of former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi.

It’s a very “Japanese” book.  Look at those persimmons on the cover in the first picture.  Persimmons are very “Japanese.”  There are a lot of persimmons in Japan, and my sweet darling Japanese boyfriend gave me my first persimmon and that’s why I married him.  They say you should never marry the first guy who gives you a persimmon, but hey, it worked out for us.  Twenty-odd years later, we are still married.   And I still love it when he gives me a persimmon.

amazon link to “Chisa and Jiitan