Hello, everybody!  We were in Sakata City in western Yamagata Prefecture visiting inlaws during our vacation.  There was no internet, so we did it the old-fashioned way.  Books!  I read “At Home in Japan” by Rebecca Otowa and loved it.  What a wonderful book.  She has a lot more perseverance than I do!


You know what that table is if you live in Japan, but for those of you out of Japan, it’s a kotatsu.  There’s a heater inside it to keep our feetsies warm.   The cat loves it.


Sakata is famous for good food, and for its sea.  And it is especially famous for its seafood!   We had crab.  Quite expensive, but Baba was saving it for us.


On the left is a gruel/soup made from the crab broth.  Really a nice taste.  On the right, that was what was left over in the pot that had seasoned the crab meat and broth.



It was rather snowy when we first arrived.


Walking to the convenience store to get my internet fix.  Yes, I’m addicted.  Or else maybe I just get sick of Japanese TV, which is dumb on a mega scale.


I walked up a drive to take a photo of this.  Normally there is a walking path that I take to the convenience store.


Japanese people believe that you should eat noodles on the last day of the year for long life.  It’s called Toshi Koshi Soba.   When I first came to Japan, I hated soba and found it extremely bland.  (I think most Americans would think so.)  It’s eaten with just a light sauce.  Now I like it and find it rather refreshing, definitely not a heavy food.


I will post more about our new year tomorrow!