I bet “cute” is the word I use most often on this blog.  I am sure I overuse it.  It’s just because Japan is so stinkin’ cute!    But let’s try to limber up our minds and stretch out and use another word.  How about “dainty?”

Because these stickers are so stinkin’ dainty!


My ten year old self would love these stickers, but would probably complain that there is (usually) only one sheet in a pack.  When I was a kid in the States, there were four sticker sheets in a pack!  I don’t think they do that anymore, even in America.  Ah, the good old days.


Stickers are one my favorite things to send to people in the United States because they are so light and so fun.  Even those sumo wrestlers are dainty.


Yokai Stickers.  Maybe nobody will notice if I keep these for myself?