I live in the “cool” section of Fukushima City (the area outside the east exit of the station.)  It’s got lots of little shops, lots of bars, and some love hotels.   It’s the side you want to stroll through if you are just visiting.  Anyway, there is this sweet little shop near my home, about a five or ten minute walk from the station.  (Walk straight down a few blocks, then turn left.)


I’m always searching for authentic “Made in Japan” Japanese Cool.  This shop has it.


I was looking for a present for Christmas and settled on this cloth for 600 yen.  Really soft.  So much softer than that cruddy stuff that is sort of similar in the 1oo yen shops.



Is this adorable or what?  Let’s all pretend we live in an imaginary world in which terrorism and nuclear meltdown do not exist.


So you can see…..the shop.  They had “yokai” cloths, too.  But I thought, “Nobody would want ghost cloth except you!  So don’t buy it.”  (But I wanted to.)

If you are in a shop, and want to pick up the merchandise and touch it, it’s polite to ask something like, “May I pick it up?”


Te ni totte mite mo ii desu ka?

(te ni toru, literally:  “pick up with one’s hand” is the polite expression to use.)