I went to the library where this news article caught my eye.  No promises, huh.  Let’s send it all to Tepco’s headquarters in Tokyo.

TEPCO=Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (東京電力株式会社, Tōkyō Denryoku Kabushiki-gaisha)  Source:  Wikipedia

Tokyo, this is your mess.

If you don’t want it, WE DON’T WANT IT.


Look at that.  Something going on next door.  It’s a “Cheer up, Fukushima.  Life doesn’t stink that much” festival.


The armed forces were serving free curry.  Being serious here, the Japanese armed forces were wonderful after the earthquake.  We owe a lot to those men and women in uniform.  I always will feel gratitude towards them.



This says at the top:  Ganbarou Tohoku!

Ganbare is a verb you often see and hear in Japan, but it is really hard to translate.  It often depends on the circumstances to get the right nuance.  I think here it is, “Life is not so shitty, so keep your chin up!”

Tohoku, of course, is the name of Northern Japan (excluding Hokkaido) and the area which was primarily affected by the earthquake.   It’s the region where I live.     Tohoku is also widely known as the “Coolest and Most Awesome Part of Japan Ever.”  LOL   (It actually has kind of a backwoods reputation.  We are the hillbillies of Japan.)

(I gave some money, by the way.  Not much.  A little.)



At top it says, “Nepal Jishin”    Jishin=Earthquake

I gave money for Nepal.  They need it, too, poor guys.  We never hear what’s going on over there anymore.


I hear people say, “You never hear about Fukushima anymore.”  Well, here.  I’m here.   Fukushima.   That’s me.

And here is the Fukushima newspaper:  http://www.minpo.jp/  If you are curious.