I just looked at my calendar, and I guess Hanukkah was last week, so this post is late.  But I’m not Jewish, so please forgive me.

I don’t really know a lot about Judaism.  I don’t think I actually ever met a person that I KNEW was Jewish until college!

Every year in an effort to teach my son a bit about Hanukkah, I pull out our two Hanukkah books:


Notice I still haven’t taken the 50% off sticker off. Every time I look at it, I feel proud of my frugality.

In America, long ago, I almost bought a dreidel, and I wish I had.  But I think I was in a mood of “Let’s save money.” and didn’t.  (You know, those moods.  Gah!  Can’t buy ANYTHING!!  NOTHING!!!!!!!!  AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


At the risk of getting a bit personal, I will tell this story.  (Even though it is personal and involves outside parties, I don’t think that matter because 1.) this incident occurred years ago and 2.) I am the worlds’ suckiest English teacher.)  Anyway.

All English schools in Japan teach a bit about Christmas.  Repeat after me!  SANTA CLAUS!  CHRISTMAS TREE!  STOCKING!  MISTLETOE!  and so on.  They do little activities.   Usually it is secular.

Anyway, I wanted to teach about Hanuakkah, and suggested this.  I felt it was extremely important for Japanese kids to learn about different customs and religions.   But NO.   The powers that be would not allow Hanukkah to be taught.  We must stick to the programme!    Christmas, and that’s it!

I was disappointed, but then gave birth to my own son who I could teach in anyway I wanted, and if that includes learning about various customs around the world, then yes!  That’s what we do.