When looking at Christmas illuminations, people usually head to Tokyo or Sendai for their bright light displays.  (In fact, we plan to go this weekend!  We are trying to choose which city to visit.)

However, Fukushima City has its own display, in a quiet, romantic sort of way.  I think of the display as “Winter Lights” because it won’t come down until February.  This display is right next to my home, on the fun curvy street called Paseo Dori. (One block from the station.)



This is right when I leave my home.  Ahead of me is Paseo Dori Street.  I love this street.


A street for lover and dreamers


“Good Americans, when they die, go to Fukushima.”

(What Oliver Wendel Holmes might have said had he not actually been talking about Paris.)


Fukushima City Train Station, the East Exit