The “Tirolle” Chocolate Company does some extremely cute things with chocolate.  So I was pleased to see the following at my local supermarket.



If you are like me, you are clueless as to what it represents.  This took some detective work for me.    I asked the cashier if she knew what was on the box, and she said, “Oh, yes!!!!!  It’s very famous.”  I asked her how to pronounce it and she said, “Fukushin.”  (I thought.  You will find out in a second that I misheard her.)

So I go home and google “Fukushin”.  I get restaurants and such, but nothing resembling the box.  I google “Tiro Fukushin” and nothing.  (I assume correctly that the チロ”Tiro” in the title refers to the company’s name:  Tirolle.)

Anyway, I need help.  BIG help.

Honey, darling, husband?   He’s the man I go to when I am flummoxed.

So he tells me it says, “Fukujin.”  FUKUJIN!!!!!!!!!!!!   Agh.  (This is why Japanese is so hard.)  And the actual title is Shichi Fukujin.

So I google it and find they are the Seven Lucky Gods.




So I bought a box for my Japanese class and set it up.  I was pretty excited.  I think I was the only one who was excited!  LOL  There was more chocolate in the box than I expected.



Okay, this gets even weirder.  I was at the local post office the same week…and I SAW THE SEVEN LUCKY GODS!!!!!!!!  Imagine that.  They are following me around.   It’s like, I spend twenty years in Japan not even noticing them, then BAM.  There they are.


This is a post office catalogue for “Lucky Bags.”  (Fuku Bukuro)

Pay attention next time you see these cute little guys!   They are the SEVEN LUCKY GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you in a multilingual situation, I wanted to direct your attention to this great list by Trilingual Mama.  It is a list of families doing the “Language Thing”.  I found my own name on it.  I’m famous.

And for the curious among you–Yes!  My American mom had the power to see into the future and knew that I would someday live in Japan which is why she gave me a Japanese name.  (Although she claims she got the name from a soap opera.  Yeah, right, MOM.)