Okay, look at the book in the middle.  If you live in Japan, and have stepped foot inside a bookstore, you have seen this book.


It says “sixth rank” but that is just for this current week. It is actually first ranking for the year. It’s been on the shelves for a looooooong time.

Are you like me?  Did you think:  “Oh, another book about Islam.   Ho hum.  Must be some expose of the lives of women in burkas.”

Because if this is what you thought, you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!

This top-selling, number one book in Japan in the year 2015 is NOT about Islam at all.  Color me stupid.

The name of it is Hibana.  It is by  comedian Matayoshi Naoki who just by some amazing coincidence is on the TV screen right now as I type these words.  (Yes, the TV is on.  My husband is watching.  And I am half listening.)


The author of the Japan’s number one book of 2015 is on the left.

“Hibana” is just a regular fictional book that just happened to win a prestigious literary award.  (It was cowinner with another book.)

Here is a Japan Times news article link about it.

Will I be reading it anytime soon?  No.

Will I be constantly pointing out to random people, “Hey, that book is NOT about Islam.”  Yes.

Starting first with my husband who can’t believe that I ever thought so in the first place.  Silly me.