I thought I would show you my arsenal of “Do you like…..?” books for teaching English to Japanese kids.

“Do you like—”  is such a fun phrase to teach.

Do you like spider ice cream?

Do you like frog egg soup?

Do you like Anpanman?   (This is a good question because no respectable child over the age of three likes Anpanman.  However, if you are are foreigner in your forties, you will, of course, adore Anpanman.)

Do you like AKB48

I can just go on and on and on with the fun questions.  And of course the kids can add their own.

The books above are what I use in my classes.  The two bottom have really simple vocabulary.  I’ll read the book and let the kids guess what it says.  (“I like Fish” is easier than “I like Bugs”.)

“Yummy Yukky” is fun because with each page you can ask the children THEIR opinion.  “Do you like earwax?  You don’t?  I don’t, either. It’s yukky.”

“Ketchup on your Cornflakes” is the most fun.  Every page is different.  “Do you like jam on your toes?”  “Do you like milk on your head?”

“Do you like–?” is such an awesome expression, that you could spend an entire year on it.

Um….sensei?  Do you think we could learn something else now?

Wait!  One more!  Do you like dancing with Donald Trump?  Do you like eating breakfast with Elmo?  Do you like playing tennis with a ninja?  Do you like……SOMEBODY STOP ME!